I have learned how to prioritize my health and in the process, I’ve learned how to love myself.
— Christen

Happy Clients


Alexis asked me challenging questions about myself and challenged me to question my self-limiting beliefs.  

— CS

I learned how to clarify my goals and implement an action plan toward reaching them.  I felt guided and listened to every step of the way.  The follow-up was great. I would recommend Alexis to my friends.

— Christen

I always feel listened to,  Alexis seems genuinely concerned about my situation.  She is calm, thoughtful and attentive.  Working with her has been a breath of fresh air.

— dot

I learned how to manage my stress better, I have more confidence and I am walking with my friends and dog more.  Going food shopping with Alexis was very informative, I learned how to make better food choices.

— cm


Since working with Alexis, I have become more open to innovative ideas and trying new foods and activities.  I have noticed a positive shift in my attitude towards change, I'm less negative towards the idea of change.

— Carolyn

I recommend Alexis to anyone who wants to make changes, especially if they aren't sure about how to make lasting change and need accountability and support.  I'm so happy that I've lost 20 pounds!

— Carolyn

Just got my blood work back, and my Vitamin D levels have improved! I couldn’t have done this without you, Alexis. Thank you for all of your support and guidance about my food choices and stress management. I highly recommend you to my friends.

— CM

Alexis is so knowledgeable about nutrition.  I thought I knew a good deal about what is healthy and what isn't.  Alexis opened my eyes to a whole different side of nutrition.  She taught me so much and it has helped me to change my way of eating forever.